Writing: Modern Myths

While working in Japan, I wrote a series of articles for the monthly e-zine, the Polestar, published by the Hokkaido Association for Japanese Exchange Teachers (HAJET). Each month saw many articles and photographs contributed by teachers throughout Hokkaido detailing how they were getting on in Japanese society. For my own submissions, I wanted to contribute articles that were culturally relevant while still having a creative flair to them.

The following are articles from my Modern Myths series that were published in the Polestar.

An article inspired by the idea that a dragon sleeps beneath the Japanese archipelago.

An article inspired by the unquestioned respect in the Japanese society for the idea of inside and outside.

More of a fiction than an article, inspired by my love for the wild, mythical creature the tanuki.

An article describing the way my town venerated the idea of the mythical tengu so much that they had a fire festival dedicated to him.

A playful piece meant as an examination of the strange, skewed view of foreigners within Japanese society.

A full collection of all the Modern Myth articles I wrote can be found on Gaijin Desu Ne, my Japanese travelog.