Design: Web Banners and Headers

While working as a Creative Specialist at MHS, I was responsible for designing logos for both our corporate and higher education Emotional Intelligence conferences. I also created versions of these logos to use as web banners for the conference sites.

While maintaining my Gaijin Desu Ne blog in Japan, I and four friends set out on a nine-day, 2000+ kilometer road trip around the northern island of Hokkaido. On this road trip, we intended to visit each of the island’s four points, so I came up with a name and logo design for our tour.

Logo / header for our Four Points tour of Hokkaido in September of 2010.

In the weeks leading up to the tour, I posted short articles highlighting each of our four destinations, and for each of these articles I created a four-points themed sub header.



I designed the following header for a friend’s miniature and modeling site. He creates many of his models out of a green polymer clay that is mixed from separate blue and yellow components, so I wanted to pick up on this theme in the site’s main header, as well as in sub headers for a series of articles he wrote.

Banner for a modeling/miniatures hobby site.



I conceptualized the following name and design for a separate miniature modeling site. It was meant to be a site where three distinct artists came together to work on common projects, so I elected to have the name/design play on DNA and its double helix structure.

DNA-inspired banner for a sculpting/modeling site.

The following was a header for a friend’s cooking/travel blog. She provided me with her own photos, outlined how she would like them to appear, and I created the rest of the design in a way that meshed well with the blogger template she was using for the rest of the blog.

Header for a friend’s recipe and travel blog