Design: Japan and JET

While working in Japan, I took on a number of volunteer design projects in my small town, as well as for organizations related to the JET Program.

Every year CLAIR, the organization that coordinates the JET Program in Japan hosts an orientation for incoming teachers in Tokyo. They also host an annual T-Shirt design contest with the winner’s entry being used for shirts worn by orientation volunteers. The following was my entry for the contest.

Logo designs for the 2010 Tokyo Orientation T-Shirt Contest

The Japanese town in which I lived boasted a very active International Exchange Association, which was responsible for sharing foreign culture with the local Japanese population. I designed the following banner for their annual World Camp event.

Designed for the Furubira International Exchange Association to help promote their annual World Camp event.

The following was an illustration I created for a publication called the Polestar, which was published monthly by the Hokkaido Association for Japanese Exchange Teachers (HAJET). It is a spoof on a logo design from a popular Japanese Anime, Evangelion, and it is meant to be a satirical commentary on a common mindset that as long as there is a foreign English teacher in a classroom, their Japanese students are learning English.

A playful parody of the NERV logo from Evangelion